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Welcome To iRiskOnline

iRiskOnline CEO, Norman Sinclair

Welcome to the IRISKONLINE Risk Management System for Australian Investors.

In response to feedback since the 2014 launch, we have significantly improved IRISKONLINE over 2016/17/18 - ready for release.

In doing so, we didn't forget the Independent Investors and SMSF Trustees who supported us during 2015/16/17 - with requests and ideas for more functionality. This has been a key focus for us!

The conceptual framework of the Australian Risk Standard applies to user experience:

SETTING INVESTMENT STRATEGY IN IRISKAWARE - in answer to the question of what level of portfolio loss you are willing to tolerate.

IMPLEMENTING INVESTMENT STRATEGY IN IRISKONLINE - ensuring that the REAL portfolio reflects the risk levels consistent with your strategy.

IRISKONLINE is designed for use by anyone who seriously invests in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) - long-run investors implementing a long-term strategy; other investors just 'taking a punt'; as well as finance professionals and their clients - with monitoring.


1.    IRISKAWARE. Where you follow a process of "revealed preference" and discover investment strategies you feel are best suited to you - based only on the criteria of expected loss;

2.    IRISKONLINE. Where you build the portfolio from the 1000's of securities traded on the ASX. As soon as you start building your portfolio you will see risk estimation - in tables and charts - at portfolio; security; sector; and income/growth levels. You will learn about Downside Risk; Risk Budgets; and Risk Limits.

3.    RISK TUTOR. Provides immediate help and financial literacy as you begin to master the professional approach to portfolio management.

As you know, managing your own wealth, or the wealth of others, is NOT a game! IRISKONLINE has changed the conversation about portfolio risk management - the true source of wealth.

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